(Presented to the Dorset Record Office by T.A.M. Falkner, 19 Sept.1968)

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Bundle No.Description of DocumentsNo.of Documents
History of the Falkners in Shropshire, Wiltshire and Dorset by Anne Louise Falkner (born 1862) and John Meade Falkner (born 1858), with sketches by Anne L. Falkner and some photographs.18 Volumes
1 "Under the Clee": the Falkner family in Shropshire, 1518-1766. John Falkner of Sibdon Carwood, d.1588; later generations at Stanton Lacy, Bitterley and Hopton Wafers. 31 pp.
2"Sutton Mill": Shropshire, 1748-1838. John Falkner of Claverley, papermaker, d. 1761. 36 pp.
3 "The Falkners of Bath". 1779-1818, pt 1. Francis FaLkner, a wine merchant, married Catherine Parsons. Marriage connection also with the Kilvert family. William & Frederick Falkner, sons of Francis, managed the Claverton Farm Estate near Bath. 78 pp.
4"The Falkners of Bath", pt II. Robert Falkner, son of Francis, born 1788, was a doctor in Henrietta Street, Bath. His sister Kate married Hessey, a London publisher. Family friends included Henry Moule, later rector of Fordington St. Ceorge, whose brother Charles married Anne Falkner. 111 pp.
5"The Letters of Lucy Alexander", 1810-1818. She married Robert Falkner, brother of Drusilla & Mary Falkner, with whom he lived & to whom the letters were written. She lived at Manningford Bruce, near Devizes. They are mostly on quite domestic subjects. Some social literary contacts e.g. Coleridge, are mentioned. 91 pp.
6"Manningford and the Family", 1818-34. On his marriage to Lucy Alexander in 1818 Robert Falkner moved to Manningford Bruce. Descriptions of country life in Wiltshire. Sunday Schools, agricultural riots etc. William Falkner & his wife & four children emigrated to Canada during the farming slump after 1815. Henry Moule accompanied them & they settled at Cobouz7. in Ontario, suffering much hardship. 85 pp.
7 "Robert and Lucy", 1818-31. Description of their honeymoon in Weymouth &: Teignmouth. More anecdotes of life at Manningford. Lucy Falkner died in 1827, after they moved to Huish. 63 pp.
8 "Robert and Tom", 1831-1834. Life at Bath and Manningford up to Robert Falkner's death in 1834. 71 pp.
9 "Manningford and Tom", 1834-40. Thomas Alexander Falkner, son of Robert, at school, on holiday with his aunta in Wiltshire, & on a trip to Paris. 114 pp.
10 "Manningford and Tom" part 2, 1840-52. He came of age in 1841, became a "Puseyite" at Oxford, married Grace Mead of 5 Brunswick Buildings, 'Weymouth, at St. Mary's, Weymouth, in 1851. 119 pp.
11 "The Alexander Falkners". 1852-1855 Descriptions of Weymouth in the 1850's. Thomas Alexander Falkner was ordained 1856 & became curate of Newnton, Wilts, living in his own house at Manningford Bruce, where his third child, John Meade Falkner was born 1858. In 1859 he became curate of Holy Trinity, Dorchester, under the Rev. Mr. Fisher, & lived at West Walks House. 112 pp.
12 Notes by John Meade Falkner on life in Dorchester 1859-71, written in 1925. Descriptions of West Walks House, built in 1857 by "a minor Dorchester architect Henry Barnes", and its environment, including the hospital; also holidays at Swanage. 96 pp.
13 "Days of Old", 1859-71. Childhood reminiscences of Dorchester; Poundbury, Maumbury Ring etc; lessons in Weymouth with the Mead aunts. Postscript about Buckland Ripers. 8 pp.
14 Notes by John Meade Falkner. 1871-80. The family at 82 St. Thomas Street, Weymouth. Thomas Alexander Falkner moved to Weymouth 1871, as curate at St. Mary's, Melcombe Regis. The house was the Old Rectory, one of a pair of Georgian houses with a forecourt and railings. John Meade Falkner was a pupil at Weymouth College. His mother died of typhoid; descriptions of the illness and of the troubles caused by high tides, gales and flooding in the Backwater. Also mentioned, the Mead aunts living at 5 Brunswick Buildings and Solomon Sly, landlord of the "Cutter" Inn, with smuggling connections. 30 pp.
15 "Buckland Burglars", 1880-87. By Charles Gaskell Falkner, brother of John Meade Falkner. Thomas Alexander Falkner was Rector of Buckland Ripers at this time. 9 pp.
16 "Buckland Days", by Charles Gaskell Falkner. Further reminiscences of life in Buckland Ripers in the 1880's. 6 pp.
17 "The Nabob's Letters", by Anne L. Falkner. The Parsons family in Shropshire. Part I, 1779-93, Wolverhampton. William Parsons was a Writer in the East India Company from 1777. His sisters Catherine & Elizabeth married Francis & Robert Falkner. 71 pp.
18 "The Nabob's Letters". Part II, 1791+-1865, Bewdley. 87 pp.
Childhood memories of Dorchester in the 1860's & 18701s, by Anne Louise Falkner. 4 vols.
Rough notes of Anne Louise Falkner. Falkner pedigrees, notes on the Victoria County History and other works on archaeology, & church architecture; notes on the Bancks family, connected by marriage with the Falkners. 6 vols.
Notebooks of John Mead Falkner:- (-a) notes for a novel, possibly "The Nebuly Coat", (b) notes on Berkshire churches, (e) notes on Oxfordshire churches. 3 vols.
Miscellanea. Notes from Domesday Book & on archaeological finds. Tracings of illustrations from works on archaeology. 1 folder
Falkner pedigree (copy). 8 pp.